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Entire industries are being disrupted by new technologies - where products used to be physical, many are now digital by default. We can help you make the most of your content and assets in a digital world.

The huge range of new devices and platforms provide unlimited opportunities for content owners and creators to engage with users, but this also presents a host of legal and commercial challenges. We’re best known for our detailed understanding of the media industry but our experience of the technologies crucial to end-user experiences means there is rarely a problem digital businesses face that we haven’t encountered.

Our lawyers have wide-ranging expertise – from the delivery of video and data content through apps and other digital properties, to the interactive technologies that sit behind these platforms.

We’ve helped many businesses devise their digital strategies around the development and execution of new consumer offerings.

We understand the commercial realities and technical complexities of the content creation and distribution value chain from end-to-end and the regulatory landscape in which your business operates. If you’re looking to establish, fund, buy or sell a digital business, our corporate lawyers have the experience to keep you focused on the points that really matter.