With the proliferation of software-based technology, understanding its legal aspects of can seem daunting. And the truth is that it can be tricky.

And it is not just the highly technical nature of software that makes it complicated. The manner in which you develop and use software can often lead to unforeseen complexity.

You may be transitioning from an enterprise product to a cloud-based platform, or you may be collaborating with a variety of different businesses, whether sub-contractors, vendors or partners. You may have any number of on-going projects, from early stage proofs of concept to scaling a significant proposition.

Your code can be entirely proprietary, designed to work with third party technology or incorporate software that is governed by an open source licence.

You may even be worried about the vulnerability of your software to cybersecurity threats.

At Wiggin we understand the importance of how software is developed in practical terms, and know that solutions come from getting under the skin of what the software is, how it operates and how it fits with the rest of your business.

We understand that along with contractual rights, IP rights are the main mechanisms to provide you with control that your business needs, whether it be in respect of ownership, use or liability.

And you will have multiple IP rights to consider, such as copyright and patent protection, in addition to considering the impact of confidentiality and trade secrets.

Our lawyers have hands on experience of helping clients with the legal aspects of their software, in both a non-contentious or contentious context. We can help you with structuring the most complex multiparty transactions or unpicking a software related dispute that encompasses everything from contractual breaches to copyright and even patent infringement.

At Wiggin we have the expertise to help you simplify your software problems. Whatever the problem.