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We strive to be visionary, authentic, unified, responsible and excellent in everything we do. Equality, diversity, inclusion and participation engage all our values.

Law is not a sector typically known for its vision on equality, diversity, inclusion and participation. We want Wiggin to be different.

Being visionary means looking for improvement, greater achievement and progression, for our firm, wider society and the clients we serve. We strive to be as diverse as the clients and communities we serve, and to actively drive participation by members of those communities.

In our work we look to the future to predict what will affect your business so when you need us, we’re ready with the solution. This vision, teamed with our entrepreneurial flair, sector expertise and industry contacts enables us to craft client-focused solutions. For example we co-founded our own tech company, Incopro to protect IP online, and we co-created Cirkus, a subscription video on demand platform.

We strive to see the big picture – not just for our clients today, but for our future clients and the industry as a whole – like when we successfully campaigned to get the UK Film Tax Credit available to all productions at the full rate of 25% in 2015, and led discussions with HMRC to reduce the potential impact of IR35 changes on the media industry.

Our workplace should enable our staff and clients to be able to be their true selves, with pride and without fear. At Wiggin you’ll find an eclectic group of individuals, and a culture which encourages us to be ourselves.

To be unified is to be inclusive, open and respectful of each other. We recognise that unified does not mean the same, but a diversity of people and ideas motivated by and participating in a common purpose.

It also means we can quickly focus our skills and experience to create a team tailored to your needs – across legal and support teams, and all our offices.

All of us at Wiggin are responsible for creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace, driven by equality, and by educating ourselves about the culture, expectations, needs and concerns of others.

We also work in our local communities to help those that are disadvantaged by a failure of equality in society to access the legal community.

There’s a commitment to excellence in everything we do – as evidenced by the awards and industry recognition we’ve received for our work.

To continue to provide the very best advice we know it needs to be based on a range of experiences and views, not a singular viewpoint, or a series of opinions unintentionally biased towards that single view.

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