Expertise Blockchain & Digital Assets

Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology that enables cryptocurrencies and empowers new financial services. It drives the multi-trillion pound digital currency market. It's decentralised, cryptographic backbone is primed to shake up industries through innovation.

Blockchain technologies are a rapidly growing space, with industry and innovators continually exploring impactful and cutting-edge applications. We have already witnessed cryptocurrencies facilitating decentralised means of exchange, non-fungible tokens enabling digital proof of ownership and secondary markets for digital assets, blockchain-verified supply chains, and distributed autonomous organisations promoting a democratised approach to organisational governance and community formation. Sectors heavily reliant on traditional payment methods are actively investigating ways to support and implement blockchain-enabled technologies to broaden their reach.

Blockchain technologies also raise novel issues for the surrounding legal and regulatory frameworks, which were often not devised with blockchain in mind. Lawmakers and regulators around the world are revisiting the fundamental basis for regulated activities to account for these new code-based technologies. However, as is often the case with novelties, this process takes time. This presents both challenges and opportunities for industry, particularly where regulators adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach.

We work alongside our clients to comprehend, embrace and explore new blockchain-enabled use cases across the sectors we operate in, including media and entertainment, video games, esports, payments, fintech, telecoms, online betting and gaming, IoT and digital infrastructure. We have a proactive approach to ensure we don’t merely consider the specific query posed, but also explore legal, regulatory and commercial issues arising from utilising blockchain technologies.

The nature of blockchain technologies also means any meaningful analysis often necessitates a multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional approach which we provide through our extensive network of carefully curated national firms, encompassing corporate, investment advisory, consumer protection, data protection, tax, crypto-specific regulatory and commercial contracting, including any intersection with other well-established regulations affecting the relevant sector.

  1. Blockchain legal/regulatory risk assessments, including token classification, regulatory advisory and cross-jurisdiction guidance.
  2. NFT creation and use, including artist rights, sale terms, marketplace terms and advertising risks/issues.
  3. Deploying blockchain in gaming, including interoperability, licensing, DAOs, treasuries, land-sales and guilds.
  4. Commercial and regulatory advisory in relation to crypto-based payment solutions.
  5. Commercial terms for blockchain tech creation, including marketplace terms, software development, sales and app distribution.
  6. Legal/regulatory considerations for Metaverse brand establishment.
  7. Advertising/consumer rules for marketing tokens, NFTs and underlying technologies.
  8. Cryptoasset tax treatment, including exchanging, minting and selling crypto and smart contract activities.