Expertise Brexit & IP

The UK continues to be a member of international IP conventions. Nevertheless, changes to UK’s IP laws are inevitable over time, particularly to deal with cross-border issues and for copyright.

Our EU specialists are on-hand to explain the practical implications of this divergence for your current and future practices/deals, including on questions relating to protection of related rights, portability and geo-blocking. Our extensive EU policy work means that we are perfectly placed to advise you on how divergences in approach between the UK and the EU Member States on the areas addressed in the EU Digital Single Market Copyright and SatCab Directives may impact your business. Looking forward, our team is focused on the EU’s Digital Service Act and Digital Markets Act.

Brexit has led to a decoupling of the UK and EU trade mark and design systems. Given our combined team of UK and EU specialists, we can continue to represent you fully before the UK and EU institutions, and are well placed to help you navigate any challenges, mitigate risks and harness potential opportunities as the systems diverge over time.