Expertise Corporate Protection

As an asset, intellectual property can protect both your products, and your internal operations.

But having the right IP advice at the corporate level can also be of significant value.

When it comes to adapting to a fast-changing environment, nothing moves organisations more than a clear top down statement of intent.

Should your company or group of companies want to deal with intellectual property in a consistent way, then you may think about developing a formal IP strategy and establishing IP-related governance, such as a corporate policy, supported by appropriate processes and authorised committees.

And there are tactical benefits too. Trade marks in respect of your corporate identity will safeguard your connection to your customers, and so should be afforded the highest protection.

Structuring the ownership and licensing of your IP may be financially very important when considering which of your group companies does what and where, particularly in the context of tax requirements.

You might also find that your group could benefit from particular IP-related schemes (such as the UK’s Patent Box regime).

At Wiggin we know that in a digital world, numerous aspects of your business have transformed into technology-centred operations.  And we know that as a result you are creating IP like never before, whether it is multiple brands supporting new digital products, or a new software platform that will revolutionise your service offering.

Our specialist IP teams can help you understand how to best harness value at the corporate level, so you can improve your company’s IP posture, and set your business on a path for long term growth in a competitive IP-rich environment.