Expertise Database Rights

In an increasingly digitised world, data has become a key currency. We can help you ensure that it’s a currency you know how to protect and exploit.

Knowing when and how data can be protected is not always straightforward. In many cases, it requires an overarching view of the interplay between database rights, copyright and contractual considerations – and potentially also issues around computer misuse and confidential information.

Our media heritage, including our experience of advising clients in the sports and music industries on these issues over many years, together with our focus on tech and all things digital, means that we’ve got the legal and practical knowledge to help you navigate this area.

We have extensive experience of advising on the scraping of online data, as well as related issues that may arise when linking to information published online. We’ve also litigated database issues when things need to be escalated.

Our IP advisers in this area work closely with our specialists in data protection, privacy and competition, to ensure that you have the holistic advice needed to guide your business.