Expertise Online Enforcement

The digital world creates new threats to IP every day - we’re here to devise enforcement strategies to protect your rights, even when there are no legal precedents.

Our leading online enforcement team understands this space.  We have the experience to protect your intellectual property on a focussed or global scale, adapting our approaches and challenging current thinking in a fast-moving digital world.

We’ve been at the forefront of many of the most significant online enforcement cases, creating new law in unprecedented scenarios and establishing new approaches.

Our team was behind the Newzbin case in 2010, which set important precedents for applying copyright law to the digital world, and the Newzbin2 case in 2011, which established that online intermediaries can be required to block copyright-infringing websites. We applied the same logic to protect trademarks (in the 2014 Cartier case), putting the onus on internet service providers to block sites selling counterfeit goods.

In 2019, we fought for the Warner Music and Sony Music Entertainment groups to establish that an online radio aggregator platform that profits from commercialising copyrighted sound recordings can be injuncted if it refuses to take a licence.

We’ve also brought and coordinated multi-jurisdictional actions where a more global approach is required.

Not all cases require legal boundaries to be pushed. Sometimes it’s a practical approach that is needed. We use our legal expertise alongside an intelligence-led approach to help you take effective action. We even co-founded a tech company, Incopro, to help you protect your IP online. We work tirelessly to ensure no one profits from your IP – apart from you. Incopro has recently been acquired by Corsearch but we continue to work in tandem to support clients together.