Expertise Podcasting

Twenty years ago nobody had heard of a podcast, now it’s a multi-million dollar industry – for some. Wherever you sit in the podcast ecosystem, our highly experienced team has the expertise to help.

Podcasting started as catch up radio but quickly developed rules of its own. Now it’s an industry with massive output, millions of titles, and surging revenues. On podcast platforms, homemade one-person shows rub shoulders with large budget exclusive series. The industry is also the nursery for great creative ideas that go on to a further life, via options, in film, TV, events and other media.

We’ve advised both large and small clients in the podcast business for many years, including contracts for over 400 podcast titles for one client alone. We understand the business models, the rights issues and the money flows. We can assist with production contracts, exclusive deals, optioning rights, rights licensing (including music rights), talent contracts, affiliate deals, platform contracts, advertising and sponsorship arrangements and defamation issues. We can also help develop and exploit podcast concepts and themes in other media with the knowledge and experience of our industry-leading film, TV, and digital media teams.

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The podcasting market is becoming more sophisticated and more lucrative by the day – our advisory team is ready to assist.