Expertise Publishing

Every great story starts with an idea. We understand the value of your words whether they’re in print, online or in any other media, and we can help your publishing business across the whole spectrum of your legal needs.

Whether you’re considering publishing a true-life story or are unsure about whether you have the underlying copyright in place to publish a book, we’ve got the experience to help. We can advise you on every element of pre-publication, whether it’s identifying defamation, privacy or personal data risks or advising on life rights, image rights and trade marks. We can also advise on the full range of commercial contracts in the industry. We always work with one aim: to get the story published.

We’re also experts when things go wrong or when you’re being backed into a corner. In fact, it’s difficult to think of a publishing issue that we don’t routinely advise on – from theft or leaks prior to release, late amendments to manuscripts, right through to litigating defamation and privacy claims, and ensuring that your IP rights are protected – and enforced when necessary. Whatever issue you’re facing, it’s unlikely we haven’t solved it before. And if we haven’t, we’ll be excited to push the boundaries with you.

When your ideas push you in new directions, we’ve got the knowledge to assist.

We’ve got decades of experience helping publishers with their digital transformations, steering clients onto new platforms and devices. Because we work across the whole media landscape, we fully understand revenue models in industries such as film & TV and digital entertainment, and we can advise you how to use these models to your advantage as you transition to new forms of content.

Our expertise in EU legislation, regulation and policy as well as our insight into copyright regimes around the world, along with our corporate team’s experience in the issues in joint venture and M&A transactions that are unique to publishers, make us a true one-stop shop for any publisher looking for legal support.