Expertise Trade Mark Portfolio Management

We provide a one-stop-shop for trade mark matters. Our highly experienced team is here to advise you on the full spectrum of legal issues connected to your brands - from portfolio management through to preparing, negotiating and drafting commercial agreements (such as licences and assignments), and enforcement.

Our trade mark management function sits within our litigation and commercial IP practice. We see this as crucial to ensuring that we provide you with a rounded brand management service, with significant strength and depth across all areas.

Our experienced team provides a full portfolio management service, including:

  • Setting the brand strategy, based on commercial data, future plans and market intelligence.
  • Auditing portfolios to identify redundancies and gaps, guided by the brand strategy.
  • Searching to identify hazards and risk levels prior to launches or territory expansion.
  • Day to day portfolio management, prosecution and renewals, both of individual matters and scale portfolios.
  • Watching for third party trade marks which may pose conflicts.
  • Handling disputes, both in registries and through courts or alternative dispute resolution as appropriate.
  • Commercial agreements and guidance to help clients exploit their assets.

Everyone is different and we’re keen to find a way of working that suits you. We approach portfolio management services according to your particular needs, and we work with industry leading portfolio data management systems to give you access to portfolio information when you need it.

We work closely with a range of online enforcement agents to assist you with enforcement activities. Our sister business INCOPRO provides a trade mark monitoring and enforcement service via its Talisman system.  Together with Incopro we can provide enforcement data and services, spot portfolio gaps, and identify potential new commercial markets for your business.

Having a good knowledge of your portfolio is something we see as part of the service. It allows us to resolve urgent situations and address everyday queries seamlessly and efficiently.

We understand that managing a busy trade mark portfolio can feel overwhelming. That is why we developed our own ‘Pilgrim’ trade mark platform where we can collaborate seamlessly with our clients around their critical brand assets.