Insights Professional Publishers’ Association (PPA) reports that Government is minded to level the playing field between platforms and publishers

The PPA reports that a Government Minister has confirmed that the Government is likely to proceed with legislation to rebalance the playing field between platforms and publishers, as part of legislation to give the Digital Markets Unit (DMU) statutory powers.

The PPA explains that the DMU will introduce a new form of ex ante regulation for digital platforms with “strategic market status”, with tailored codes of conduct to target the source of platforms’ market power.

Recent media reports, citing sources from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), have suggested, the PPA reports, that the Government is keen to introduce legislation based on the Australian News Media Bargaining Code, which includes a mechanism to ensure publishers are fairly compensated for the value that their content brings to platforms.

Subsequently, in response to a question from former DCMS Secretary of State, John Whittingdale, George Freeman MP confirmed that the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy was “tightening up on the intellectual property provisions, and we are minded to proceed with that legislation”.

PPA believes that it is critical that such legislation is introduced as soon as possible, ensuring that publishers can monetise digital channels sustainably in the long term, and guaranteeing the UK public’s access to trusted information on a wide range of topics. To read the PPA’s report on its website, click here.